RADIUS365™ The Difference Maker

RADIUS365™ is the most powerful and comprehensive platform of services and technologies for tracking and managing all recruiting and retention/enrollment efforts from the first telephone call attempt to the last clinic visit.

The power of RADIUS365™ derives from its ability to simultaneously increase the Investigators' effectiveness while facilitating electronic reporting of their activity without the cost, time and intrusion of manually collecting data for Investigator activity reports. The benefits that flow from this convergence are tremendous and include: supportive and more productive Investigators, greater accountability of everyone involved in the study (including TPRA), more effective advertising, less waste and a higher rate of timely study completions.

Tracking and Managing Responses

With RADIUS365™, all call and web responses are tracked and reported real-time by market, by medium, by Investigator, by date and by time of day, providing full accountability of all patient advertising and outreach expenditures. Most importantly, monitoring this real-time data allows TPRA's media services team to make necessary refinements to the patient outreach campaign to ensure the greatest response for the least cost.

With centralized routing, a key feature of RADIUS365™, calls may be routed as needed to the Investigator, a call center or TPRA's Centralized Voicemail Service (CVMS). The advantages of TPRA's CVMS include eliminating busy signals, after hours call answering and unlimited line capacity. Other benefits include a higher rate of messages left and a lower rate of lost messages. Messages are delivered via a secure Investigator web portal that includes an easy to use contact management solution, which allows the Investigators to organize their efforts to contact responders while reporting the Investigators' efforts to those managing the study.

Tracking and Managing Referrals

Tracking and managing referrals begins with the delivery of the referrals to the Investigators through a secure Investigator web portal. Referrals from any source may be incorporated, including referrals from the study-specific website or from Q-center™, TPRA's patient phone screening service.

Once the referral is received, the Investigators use the convenient RADIUS365™ contact management feature to effectively track and manage each referral through the outcome of the initial screening visit to randomization. All Investigator activities are automatically reported online to those managing the study.

Tracking and Managing Retention Activities

RADIUS365™ includes visit window and calculation, calendaring and reminder features. The system is programmed centrally and can be accessed by each Investigator via the secure online portal of RADIUS365™. These features greatly enhance the Investigators' performances in executing these critical study functions as well as allowing those managing the study to know in real-time if office visits are scheduled or not scheduled for every patient, for every Investigator in the study. The system greatly increases retention and is easier to use than traditional enrollment tracking.

RADIUS365™ online platform encompasses

Real-time Telephone and Website Response Tracking and Reporting
Centralized Call Routing and Phone Filtration Attendants
Centralized Voicemail System
Investigator Contact Management & Patient Screening Visit Scheduling
System for Investigators to Manage All Their Response, Referral and Retention/Enrollment Activities
Tracking of All Investigators' Referral, Retention and Enrollment Activities
Real-time Reporting for the Sponsor of All Investigator Activities