TPRA... The Leader in Successful Patient Recruiting and Retention


The Patient Recruiting Agency™ is a full-service global patient recruiting and retention company supporting Investigators, CROs, and Sponsors. Since 1999, TPRA has been one of the preeminent leaders in providing Patient Recruiting and Retention Services to the clinical trial industry.

TPRA’s value proposition is that all services are performed IN-HOUSE, which provides TPRA’s clients with greater synergy, cost efficiency, flexibility, quicker start-up, and execution time, as well as a single point of accountability.

TPRA’s services include a host of content development and creative services, including study branding name and logo development, copywriting and production of study, physician, advocacy group, and patient-facing recruiting and retention materials, procurement of comfort items as well as the distribution, resupply, and storage of materials.

One of TPRA’s core capabilities is the production and placement of direct-to-patient online & traditional media outreach campaigns combined with study website design and development and the institution of proprietary communication and technological support tools, such as online pre-screening technologies and TPRA’s, RADIUS365TM real-time online response, referral delivery, and randomization tracking, managing, and reporting system.

Lastly, the most substantial attributes that differentiate TPRA from its competitors are our almost 25 years of experience, our flexibility to maneuver and execute under tight timelines, our ability to implement modifications or changes quickly, and TPRA’s scalability to easily adapt service variations to best suit any type of situation, no matter the size of program, whether that’s supporting a single Site’s recruiting effort, or supporting a multi-Site/multi-country/multi-language program.

Flexible. Scalable. Experienced.


To serve our clients unconditionally, and to provide them with strategies and solutions that will always exceed their goals and expectations, all the while maintaining a high degree of professionalism in a relaxed and rewarding environment.

We believe in a set of essential core values that keep us true to who we are, the work that we do, and the way that we work.