Communication Platform


Communication Platform

TPRA's Communication Platform features three communication tools, and each tool is available with an imbedded response filtering system so that you will be able to expand your patient recruiting beyond the traditional means of marketing and response handling. We also provide an administrative access point to each of these features in one online location. You'll be able to stay on top of recruitment initiatives by viewing all data in real-time.

Tools include Text Messaging, QR Code™ Marketing and Pre-screening Facebook pages. When you use these tools with TPRA's new response filtering system, you will worry less about finding qualified participants and focus more time on those responders who are likely to qualify for your studies.

Communication Platform Tools & Features:

Text Messaging:
We offer this service on both an incoming and outgoing basis, and you also have the option of using our text-based filtering service to pre-screen potential patients.

QR Code™ Marketing:
Using a mobile QR Code™ application on their smart phone, those viewing your ads will snap an image of the QR Code™ and be sent directly to the filtering system formatted for their mobile device. We also provide an AD tracking feature through the use of special variables in the URL of the QR Code™. Take a picture of this QR Code™ and you will be sent directly to a demo of our mobile-specific filtering system.

Study-specific Facebook Pages:
We can incorporate our response filtering service within Facebook pages. Study-specific information and videos can be included within the page as well.

Administrative Access Point:
We provide an administrative access point of our Communication Platform that includes all data in real-time.

*QR Code™ is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.